For over five years now, Greece has been confronted with a dire situation. Although widely referred to as a “crisis”, the Greek reality goes against the very definition of this word : “a sudden and intense occurrence, of limited duration [...] often bringing about harmful consequences.” In fact, this apparently endless “crisis” seems to suggest that Greece’s current social and economic functioning has become the new socio-economic order of the country. The austerity measures attached to the “rescue” package have caused a social disaster : tripled unemployment rates, a sharp drop in living standards, massive pauperization… People who five years ago lead a decent life are now struggling to get by.   

In January 2015, Greeks voted to end this deplorable situation by electing the anti-austerity party, Syriza. However, the question remains to be answered whether the Greek people – lead by Syriza – can invert the detrimental impact of the neoliberal program irrationally applied to this country, in a world that has become pervaded with a dog-eat-dog neoliberal ideology since the second half of the 20th century. 

In this album I share some photos from June 2013, when Alexis Tsipras – current prime minister of Greece and leader of the Coalition of the radical left (Syriza) – was on the campaign trail. Despite Syriza’s frailty against the harsh realities of modern day capitalism, the fresh young party has given hope and a «breath of fresh air» to the Greek people.